Monday, May 31, 2010

Full sinuses
Plugged nose
Pounding head
Aching body

oh my.

When will this cold season be over and the summer arrive? I can't believe that we are still perpetually rainy and cool here - I mean, I know it's Seattle, but seriously? Tomorrow is June and the high for the next few days is 60 and the forecast is basically decreasing sun and increasing rain up through Friday.
Only in Seattle is it noticeable and significant that each day has a few more "raindrops" on the weather picture for the day. And only in Seattle does the picture of Saturday with the possibility of a high of 66 and the sun peeking out from the clouds bring some hope!
And so I muddle through the beginning of a new week with a head stuffed full of mucous and a heart weary of the downpours!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope it's nicer where you are!

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