Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Morning Mathematics

Making the bed: 3 minutes
Cleaning the bathroom: 20 minutes
Making breakfast: 5 minutes
Cleaning up breakfast and putting away dishes in dishwasher: 10 minutes
Sweeping the kitchen: 2 minutes
Dressing, changing, feeding, playing with Baby: 60 minutes
Putting Baby down for nap: 10 minutes
Putting away toys and tidying up the living area: 10 minutes
Dusting the bedroom: 15 minutes
Vacuuming the bedroom and living room: 15 minutes
Going to an appointment and going grocery shopping: 180 minutes
Putting away groceries: 10 minutes
Making lunch: 10 minutes
Feeding and changing the baby (again): 15 minutes
Sweeping the kitchen (again): 3 minutes
Mopping the kitchen (on hands and knees with a rag. endless fun.): 15 minutes
6.38 busy hours enjoying the morning as a mommy to one darling baby

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