Thursday, June 17, 2010

June highlights!

Well, well. What have been up to, you might ask, that would keep me so long from blogging? Let me give you a brief glimpse into just a few moments of our life from the last few weeks...

Over Memorial Day weekend, my mom- and brother-in law came to visit! Although the weather decided not to cooperate, we decided to venture onto the ferry and head over to one of the nearby islands for lunch and sightseeing...

My mom-in-law Becky with my turkey husband (one of the few pictures he knowingly cooperated for)
Becky and bro-in-law Caleb looking cold and windswept
Lyddie with her Grammie Becky
My (very teenage) brother Sam and partner in Cribbage... and in crime... on the ferry
Mimi and Poppy doting on their dear granddaughter (and look, Daddy is cooperating again!)
Lookin' good, he and I!
My favorite part about this picture is that no one is looking - at me, at least.
My mom and I on our Caribbean cruise.
(I wish. No, we were in a sweltering tiny pizza parlor for lunch)
My dad and I (for some reason, one or both of us always looks weird in pictures together, it seems, but I'm sticking with this one. It's the least weird of all the ones I have)
The gang
The next weekend, we took Lyddie to her first Mariner's game at Safeco field...

She clearly enjoyed it the game to the fullest. Since we lost by at least 10 points, I gave her permission to snooze away.
With Uncle Josh, who is completing his obligatory baby time.
And Lyddie had her first (of MANY) trips to the library... that's my girl - already into books!

We have also been attending a play group at the center where I work and Lyddie loves to watch the other kids - including that funny lookin redhead on the other side of the mirror!

Finally we had a (yes, A, as in ONE) nice day and we took advantage of the weather and spent time up at our garden! We are already instilling in her a love for greens, as evidence by her obsession with eating the grass!

And last, but not least, my brother Austen's high school graduation (he's right in the middle of the picture next to his friend with the long blonde hair). Partyin' to celebrate at The Ram with my family and grandparents!

There's always more, but those are the highlights for now!

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  1. The picture of her sleeping at the baseball game is so cute! :)