Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Dreamin'

We planted a garden this year and I love it. It is so fulfilling to me to put seeds in the ground, water them, and watch them grow. We are already harvesting baby greens, which is so lovely, since I no longer have to buy them at the Farmer's Market! My herbs are starting to come up but aren't quite ready for harvest yet. Our peas are stretching up through the soil, reaching for the twine that will support them in their endeavor to reach the sun and the tomatoes are beginning to flower.
We are trying a few experimental plants that I'm skeptical about. I know some people here have some success with corn but we'll see what happens. We're also trying a few cool weather/short season varieties of heirloom watermelons and cantelope, so I will be praying for some delicious fresh picked fruit - after eating fresh local melons from the market the last few years, I'm spoiled for grocery-store melons for life.
Mmmm. drooling much.

We have yet to put in pumpkins, peppers, zucchini, beans, and pickling cucumbers.
Oh I love gardening. I start planning our garden in the dank dark of Seattle winters. In January I pull out my beloved seed catalog and begin drooling while gazing longingly at the beautiful colors and memorizing the descriptions.
I love planting and even weeding. But most of all I love picking and eating! Summer's coming with all the bounty of our garden and my favorite time at the Farmer's market!!

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