Friday, July 16, 2010


1) The dogs downstairs must have been gone for a weekend but now they're back and howling in full force. Maybe they smell my baked potato in the oven this time and are coveting. I know I am coveting - my own baked potato. I wish the oven would finish up with it so I can have it back!!

2) Jesse has been gone all week. He is coming back late tonight. He said he would be home around 10 but I know it will be later than that. Therefore, I have made the executive decision to keep my baby up late and go get my favorite treat after dinner - a milkshake. What I really want is a peanut butter milkshake from Kidd Valley, but the nearest Kidd Valley is at least a half hour away and I am pretty sure I don't want to take the time and gas when there are also delicious milkshakes at the suburban "Country Burger and Teriyaki Drive-in" a mere 5 minutes away. So I think I'll settle for the hole in the wall Country Burger. Why is it called that? I don't know. I just know that they have good milkshakes and are owned by a sweet Asian family. Fun Fact: the lady behind the counter at Country Burger was the first stranger to ask if I was expecting when I was finally starting to show with Lyddie.

3) Lyddie refuses to crawl. Well, actually she just can't figure it out but she spends all day alternating between TRYING to crawl and screeching that she can't or howling because she's backed herself up in an awkward spot and is stuck. Like straddling a chair leg while laying on her tummy. This is because she easily scoots backwards but has not figured out the movement necessary for forward motion. Between her and the dogs and a missing husband, I am hanging onto my sanity by a teeny little thread.

4) My new TV discoveries include Friday Night Lights, which I admit to scoffing at for the first couple seasons for some made-up and lame reason, and Pushing Daisies. The former is really an amazing show with great characters and interesting storylines and the latter is just hilarious and quirky.

5) My daughter's new obsession is ducks. Not real ones since her access to a real duck in our apartment is rather limited. No, I mean rubber ducks and toy ducks. The obsession actually began months ago in the bathtub but has extended to stealing other children's toys and whining when she can't have it. She also loves books with ducks and points to the duck on each page. Weird.

6) I just bought my first new swimsuit in at least 4 years, although that story is for another day.

7) I have been knitting this adorable little dress for months with the hopes that Lyddie would still fit into the 6-12 month size by the time it was done. Only to realize at the very end that I accidentally made the 3 month size, which will definitely not work. So now I'm modifying the pattern and making a new one that will hopefully fit for much longer.

I think my dinner is ready and oh surprise, Lyddie is stuck against the coffee table and fussing. Signing off,

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  1. Friday Night Lights is our FAVORITE show!! And Addie is a bit obsessed with ducks, too...hope you're enjoying your milkshake! (It sounds SO good right now!)