Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday time!

Well, my baby has turned toddler! This week was Adelaide's birthday and we had a party last Saturday. It was so much work, even for a simple get together, but since we had over 30 planning to come, even a low-key party was not-so-low-key! I spent most of the week before in a flurry of preparation and so enjoyed her special day. We had so many precious friends and family come to celebrate with us!

She loved this baby dolly, a precious Madame Alexander doll, from her grandma - Mimi. She put on such a show of kissing, hugging, patting, and loving on her. I'm sure she was only encouraged by all the laughter and gasps of adoring fans. What can I say, though? She is spectacularly cute.

Everyone singing to ME?
The first poke into her smash cake, made by my good friend Melissa. It's too bad I don't have a better camera, the colors of the cake were so cute but my camera just doesn't do them justice!

Lyddie (1 year!) and her best friend, Karis (17 months)

This week has been full of milestones for us. Not only did we have the birthday, she began walking pretty much full-time now. It's amazing how fast that transformation began; she has been taking occasional steps for a couple of weeks but in the last 7 days she went from mostly-crawling to mostly-walking. She is also using one or two new words everyday. I love hearing her little voice. She says "book, dada, mama, bay (baby), duh (done), baba (bottle), bath, buhbuh (bubble) and pahpahpah (pop pop pop);" loves to do "patacake" and throws her hands up in the air and says "ohhhh" for "throw it in the oven!" Not to mention all the imitation she is doing!
She is growing up so quickly, my precious girl! Happy first birthday, Adelaide Renee!

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