Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Snow, Oh Joy!

This week has brought us some interesting and unexpected weather with snow, ice, cold, and wind! Last year was so mild that we didn't get any snow but Lyddie was only a couple months old so she wouldn't have been able to enjoy it anyways. I loved these pictures that capture the wonder and joy of watching snow fall for the first time (and how funny mittens apparently are!)

It feels like winter is making an early appearance and it's hard to believe this is just Thanksgiving week. I have given myself permission to consider Thanksgiving as part of the holidays, since Advent begins almost immediately afterward!
We head out today for the rest of the week over in Spokane, where the high today is supposed to be 8. No, I didn't forget a digit. Just single-digit-8. Since Jesse's parents live on a mountain (at least, that's what it's called in Spokane, although it's hard for me to consider it a real mountain after growing up in the shadow of Mt. Rainier), the temps will be even colder. Thank goodness for 4WD, wood stoves, and sweaters! We are praying for safe travels as we leave later this morning.

And can you believe that our new baby is 16 weeks along already? This pregnancy is flying by so much faster than my first. In just 5-6 months we will add a new little bundle to our family, and just 3 weeks until we find out the sex (hopefully)! That will be one of the best Christmas gifts we can imagine!

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