Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, it's midnight on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and according to the internet, Jesse's plane has landed, although I haven't heard from him yet. I am so excited for him to get home that I can't sleep, even though I'm so dreadfully tired...

So to recap this week:
Jesse got sick with some flu bug (not stomach) and left last Tuesday. He never really has felt fully recovered, but I'm guessing some of that is the elevation in Denver messing with him.
Lyddie had a few really crabby days.
I started to feel sick on Thursday morning but maybe was just dehydrated since it never really seemed to evolve into a full blown illness at that time.
Jesse had an important meeting on Wednesday and then three days of "nothing" before Sunday and Monday, when he met with 4 or 5 different churches/pastors/mission boards. Those three days were loooong for us as we questioned God's plan and felt the frustration of being apart without "anything to show" for it in the way of contacts. After speaking at a Sunday School, meeting with a pastor, having two meetings and then one more "surprise" last-minute meeting on Monday night with someone he had been attempting to get back in touch with, we felt the Lord definitely was confirming that the decision to go had been in step with the Spirit, which we were seeking the whole time.

Sunday morning I woke up with the stomach flu. I haven't had the stomach flu in a long time, and let me tell you, I hope I never have it while I'm pregnant again. As if being 25 weeks pregnant doesn't make it hard enough to get comfortable, laying around with a totally queasy stomach and aches and chills really make it fun. Three days later and I'm still feeling sick with a touchy stomach.

The wonderful news is that this will hopefully give me a reason NOT to do the glucose screening at my midwife appointment tomorrow, since the thought of drinking that bottle of nasty grossness is enough to make me vomit on a good week. The bad news is I will still have to do it - sometime.

This evening it appeared that Lyddie was coming down with the same stomach bug, although so far there has only been one "incident" in her diaper that was concerning. And hey, Jesse's home tomorrow, so I can handle ANYTHING! Or at least that's how it seems from the perspective of tonight.

Lyddie is so missing her daddy; she's too little to really say so or maybe even realize it, but I can tell by her behavior; she's extra clingy to me at the slight appearance that I might leave her with someone else, she's testing boundaries and obviously trying to see if I mean it when I say she's going to be disciplined, and she's just fussy and edgy. I know exactly how she feels! Things just aren't "right" when he's away. I know you can argue that all of these things are just "toddler" behaviors, but I am convinced that they are more pronounced because she misses her daddy.

So tonight my best friend in the whole world comes home after a week alone in a strange city and I'm so happy at the thought that I will get a hug from the best husband in the world. I have been thankful for the technology that has allowed us to video-chat over the computer, but it's really not the same as face to face contact!

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