Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A thru I

A) Noisy neighbors are really hard to love.

B) I'm already crabby and pregnant, so they're definitely not making it any easier on me.

C) I can hardly keep my eyes open but a I reeeealllly want to stay up to watch "Parenthood" tonight from 10-11. Maybe if I eat a few more peanut M&M's the sugar-high I've been looking for all night will arrive.

D) I have been eating way too many peanut M&M's. Until this week, I have gained a total of 3 lbs this entire pregnancy. But I probably gained 10 this week alone, thanks to the choco-craving I've been having.

E) My favorite Netflix tv show right now is "Lie to Me." It's awesome and I wish I could read micro-expressions to tell when people are lying or telling the truth or to tell what they're feeling all the time. I have started practicing on Jesse. He responds to my insights about how he is feeling with the following statement: "You have been watching too much 'Lie to Me.'" Which is probably true.

F) Adelaide says "buck buck" when you ask her if she's enjoying her eggs at breakfast. I was determined that she should know where food comes from but hadn't gotten around to that teaching yet... but I have apparently taught her this without realizing it. She must have seen it in one of our books that we read and remembered... because it's not something I directly taught her. She's silly- and smart!

G) I have been reading "Happiest Toddler on the Block," because, of course, I already have the happiest toddler on the block. Actually I really liked what Dr. Harvey Karp had to say in his video "The Happiest Baby on the Block" (which is also the name of his book that I never read) and found it worked so well that maybe he would have some insights about parenting toddlers. It's excellent and a fun read and is actually mostly just reinforcing a lot of what I already do but giving me new ideas as we move into the strong-willed toddler world. I recommend it for anyone whose kid cries, throws a tantrum at least once a week, or breathes.

H) Those noisy neighbors are driving me nuts. I am so annoyed, but from where Jesse is sitting he says it's not that bad. But where I'm sitting I hear this kind of bass: "Nah nah nananannananah nah nah nananananannanah na na nanananananannah nah nah." Over and over. And if I didn't restrain myself, I would put my speakers facedown on the floor and blast some music directly into their living room so they could see how it feels night-after-night.

I) I better sign off before crabby preggo hijacks this post even further.

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  1. I just got into Lie to Me! Love it! I'm always "practicing", it may be a problem because I really can't read people, especially my husbands and I often read it very wrong. Oops!