Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amelia's "Fiona's Top"

This picture does NOT do the color of this precious top justice, but this is the project I have been knitting up for Millie! It's a size 3-6 months, which was the smallest size on the pattern, so while I would love for it to fit her over the summer, I think it will probably be more like fall with a little white onesie underneath. I am glad for the extra time to finish it so I don't feel pressure right this second to get it done before she comes!
The yarn colorway is called "Fern" and that's a really accurate description of it! Here it looks bland and grayish but in reality it is a really pretty shade of shimmery green. I have the back knitted up (pictured) and I'm starting to knit down the front, then will seam up the sides to complete the top. I think the rest will be easy, but I have had so little energy that when I sit down I just want to do nothing!

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  1. Awesome! I can sew on a button. Almost.