Friday, March 04, 2011

In Like a Lion...

Tomorrow I will hit 31 weeks of this pregnancy, and I feel like I've been holding my breath for the last few months, watching events occur and swirl away like the foamy bubbles on a quick-moving stream. I love this picture, even though Lyddie's not smiling! We got snow here at the very end of February... and we are still waiting for spring weather to arrive!
Grammie Becky came to visit and we got to take Lyddie to the Seattle Aquarium on Saturday. She loved the fish and was completely intrigued by them (and all the other kids running around)!

So far I haven't really taken any "belly pictures" this pregnancy, but here I am at about 28 weeks. Much bigger than I was with Lyddie, but I was expecting that! Poor sweetie is cutting molars and has been trying to get them through for a month now. I feel around in her mouth hopefully every day but so far just swollen and tight itchy gums! I know they have to come through sometime.

The last few weeks have seen significant answered prayers, including some new movement in our support raising, which is our foremost goal.

I have also been praying for quite a while that the Lord would make it clear whether we should get a new car for me, since having two kids and a double stroller in my little Dodge Neon seemed like a tight fit - doable but tight. I was also concerned about the traveling we do over the mountain passes, knowing that with two carseats on the bench seat of Jesse's truck it would be next to impossible to fit all our gear and stuff in for trips when we needed to take his 4x4 truck.
The other night, I think an angel of the Lord might literally have thown a concrete brick in our path as we drove home, and we dragged this piece of concrete a little ways before being able to pull off to the side of the road. It's never a hopeful sign for your car when a piece of metal is dangling underneath and coolant is puddling within seconds. So much damage was done by this concrete slab (we think it was a segment of median that might have gotten clipped by oncoming traffic, although I still can't even really picture how that happened) that the car is totaled, and praise the Lord, the insurance company is giving us double what I dared to hope for it at this point, meaning we will be able to buy a bigger vehicle for our family. Right now we are hunting for the right option and confident that He will help us find the exact vehicle we need for the time being.
To all who read this and are praying for us, thank you for your prayers. We are blessed beyond imagining by you and by our Lord Jesus, who has given us life and steadfast love, even when our hope and trust in Him wavers!

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