Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun with Sponges

I have been following another mom's blog for a few months now and have used some of her ideas in thinking of things to do with Lyddie. She has two girls, one right around Lyddie's age and has been blogging about their montessori work at home since her oldest was Lyddie's age. Her blog's name is Chasing Cheerios and I love that many of her activities require things I already have around my house. She also has some really fun learning-toy ideas that I would love to spend the money on if I had it!
My preference would be to spend more time outside but living in an apartment and being 9 months pregnant throws a wrench in that many days of the week, and now I'm on modified bed rest thanks to pregnancy induced hypertension. So I try to have at least one "fun" thing to do a day, even if it's a repeat of a past activity.

The other day I pulled out supplies for the following activity that I had been storing up for a day Lyddie needed something fun. She was starting to be a stinker (the witching hour while dinner is being made) and I knew she needed me to "feed her meter" a little with some serious attention and fun.
I cut two sponges in half so they would fit in her hands better and two bowls of water to transfer back and forth with the sponges. Could it be any simpler? Probably not - but she loved it and it kept us both occupied and happy for a half hour while daddy made dinner, bless his heart. And then she went from that to happily coloring next to me until we were ready to eat! It's amazing what some focused mommy-time can do in fending off tantrums (for both of us! haha!)

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