Monday, March 12, 2012


Life has been speeding along here!  We are settling into a new routine change with the arrival of March's spring break teams, which has been described as "taking a drink from a fire hydrant," with three back-to-back teams coming, each for a week.  We just entered the second week and I am feeling out how much to change the schedule for the girls and I to be involved.  Last week started out with prepping our house for painting, but the weather turned and it was too cold and windy to continue, and that pattern looks like it may hold for the next two weeks!  I told Jesse I wasn't stressed about it and I knew it would get done eventually, and I guess the Lord is going to test me and make sure I meant it!  That makes me laugh a little because I really did.  I suppose I might be bothered if it was going to half-scraped, half-primed for a year but I don't think that's going to happen.

We are continuing to hold "Kingdom Kids," the after-school program, with a slightly modified schedule.  This allows our four boys to participate in Kid's Club, which takes place in the housing projects and is led by our children's ministry leader, Joshua (his blog is great, by the way).  I have taken on the snack preparation for Kingdom Kids, which will be a growing ministry as we grow the program in the fall, although right now it's pretty simple and stress-free.

In the past week our household has grown exponentially, with the addition of the six chicks and a puppy who showed up at our gate yesterday.  We think her litter must have been dropped nearby since a sibling was found on the neighbor's property as well.  We have decided to keep her (although I am still feeling a little tentative with this plan, I must admit) and have named her Annie.  Britt, our other dog, has taken to mothering her and the cats are slowly adjusting, as all cats do.

Lyddie started tomato and pepper seeds with me a few days ago and we are eagerly watching to see the seedlings poke through soon!  We are preparing for our first real garden, which we will also use with the Kingdom Kids, who are out in the "Clubhouse" planting seeds as I type this.  Chicks and puppies are fun for everyone, even mom who has to do the work still!

Amelia, 10 1/2 months, is pulling to stand on everything, and in the last two days has decided standing independently is great fun!  She lets go and balances for thirty seconds before plopping on her bottom or controlled-falling to her knees.  Walking, then running, then everything... is just around the corner and I keep looking at her wondering when I blinked and she got so big and smart!  She likes to use a couple of signs and gets so tickled with herself when she successfully communicates "all done" and I understand!


  1. Busy little family! That new puppy isn't part pit bull is she? It is hard to tell from the pictures I have seen of her. She sure looks soft and cuddly--but would be wary having a pit around the girls and the cats and chicks!
    Love you!

  2. I think it's too early to really tell what she is. She looks like she is probably a mixed breed, which is most likely out here anyway. She looks like some pictures online of pit terriers, some pictures of lab puppies, and like a lot of the mutt pictures.

    I am not worried even if she is part pit because Britt is part pit terrier and has been a sweet, gentle, and well-behaved dog who lets the girls climb on her and doesn't bat an eye. I never would trust any breed 100% with any children - that would just be dumb, since they are all animals. But mixed breeds usually are healthier, better behaved, and live longer than purebred dogs.