Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Prince Himself was at the Door

A voice inside the party said, “You can let her in”
The next thing she knew, the Prince Himself was at the door
He looked at her, smiled and said, “There’s room for one more”
He reached out and touched her- instantly she was clean
Wearing the brightest robe that she had ever seen
If the Mud kids had seen it, they would have gone blind
“Where’d you get it?”, she asked, He said, “Actually, it’s mine”
-Shai Linne, in "Penelope Judd"

The mob screams as I’m violently handled
But I am a sample of grace that is ample
to save though the pain isn’t cancelled
Strained as I’m maimed by the rage of the grapple
Each swing hurting me, more than the last blow
Kicked by their sandals, struck by their rods
Cracked from the whips in the hands of the guards
Mocked by the people they bask in their evil
Storing up wrath in the path of my God!
But AH! “What a relief it is to be in Jesus!”
Even beaten if Christ is the reason
Pulled to the center of Rome- a crowd’s meeting
They chant for my death and indict me with treason
I get tied to a pole by a soldier, shaped like an ogre
Rope ‘round my legs and rope ‘round my shoulders
He signals his boys and he yells out,
“Yo ya’ll bring the torch over!”
So now I’m facing the blaze, facing the pain
By grace putting faith in His name
He says, “Last call for a recant”, I say “we can’t!”
So he ignites me in flames
-Shai Linne, et al, in "Martyrs"

Thank you, Shai Linne, for your beautiful artwork.

Ah, What a relief it is to be in Jesus.

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