Sunday, May 06, 2012

Full Swing of Spring

 Spring is officially here around our little haven and we're having fun and working hard.  We have 13 chickens, one of which appears to be a rooster-in-training, named Eustace.  Eustace the Rooster... I felt way too clever for that than the name actually deserves.  He is going to be beautiful, I think!

 Jesse (with Lyddie) is working hard in his spare time to get our chicken coop finished.  Yesterday the poor man was coming down with a cold that has hit full-strength today, but he is so determined to get the project done that he pushed for a little while to make some progress.  Our summer ministry time is fast approaching and I can tell he's feeling pressure to finish up some projects around the property before summer hits.  He designed the coop himself and it is looking SO great!  I am so proud of him!  Lyddie loves to be out helping him by handing him nails and mostly by talking his ear off with her sweet chatter.  

He designed nesting boxes that open with a hinged and latched door on the backside, making it easy to reach in and collect the eggs.  

Jesse named this sweetheart Aretha.  I wasn't going to name the chickens, and I wasn't even sure I'd be able to tell them all apart, but I am starting to be able to tell each of them apart by looks and names just naturally sprang to mind.  So far we also have Gladys, Sylvia, and Marilyn.  Aretha is our biggest pullet and she is one of our most mild-mannered when being held.  She loves to roost on top of our waterer... so clearly we need to get them in the coop with real roosts!

Britt, our sweet red pup to match our sweet redheaded daughters.

This is Gabriel, our Maremma shepherd.  I am so in love with him, can you tell? 

What's going on around your home with spring in full swing?


  1. I love chickens with names! The little girl who read the poem during our wedding named one of her family's chickens "Miss Amanda." :) It took several days of her running around yelling my name before they finally realized that she'd named the chicken after me.

  2. Wow, looks like Jesse is building you an awesome coop!