Monday, May 28, 2012

What does your average day look like?

This is a funny question that missionaries often get asked.  I think many of us chuckle inwardly a little before answering this question because most of the time our "average day" might look a little mundane and we're not sure exactly how to answer.   Which day do I choose to describe?  Should I pick the one that looks not-too-different from yours?  Or should I go with the other extreme that makes me look like a space alien?  Often in a life of ministry, there is so much variety that there is no "average."

It's three in the afternoon and so far, the answer for today follows.

The girls and I always try to take a quiet Monday morning at home to recover from a late Sunday night at our church, Hope Fellowship, where we had our first communion service together with new and old believers last night.  We rejoiced to see some of the children and youth we love deeply take communion for the first time as they confessed outwardly by the action their faith in Christ.

After a family visit this weekend, the floor at home looked like it might collapse under the weight of the mess of toys, gifts, washed towels waiting to be folded, so I have been chipping away at the disaster, as all moms do.

While the girls napped, I made a double batch of cookies - some for the Kingdom Kids program (the after-school program we run from our home) and some to pass to the food prep team to use as needed.  Tonight we are having dinner with the staff and new intern team that just arrived for the summer, so I made macaroni salad to feed 40, put some in the fridge to also feed Kingdom Kids and the rest will come with us to dinner tonight.

Eight loads of laundry are making their way through the appliances and laundry baskets and (hopefully) will all end up in drawers before tonight.

pulled weeds,
moved the sprinklers around,
fed the chickens,
waged war on the thieving starlings who have discovered our cats' bowl of food,
fed our children,
changed diapers,
folded and put away diapers,
washed dishes twice,
read poetry and stories to both girls,
played outside in the grass with the girls.   Not too bad to get accomplished by 3 in the afternoon!

But the biggest blessing is that this is what my average day looks like - literally:

What does your average day look like... today? 

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