Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mom-thoughts of an evening

....Should I switch "laundry day" from Monday to Tuesday since Monday is a tight morning with an earlier Kingdom Kids schedule each week?  Clearly trying to plow through it in concentration is not effective on Monday since I end up doing most of it on Tuesdays.  But Tuesday is the only regularly good shopping/errands day of my week.  So Wednesday?  But then we have to wait until midweek for our (read: my) favorite clothes to be washed again.  Should I give up trying to have a "laundry day" of any sort?  How can I adjust it so that it would still work.

.....How can I squeeze a little more knitting into my life?  I have almost completely put it aside for the past year, but I so miss it, the repetitive and calming motion of the needles clicking together, the joy of seeing garments and beauty created before my very eyes, the soothing rhythm putting my mind at rest before bed rather than the stimulation of working on projects at home or spending wasting my time on the computer.  The comfort of quiet productivity.  Can I discover a way to just plan out about three projects in advance since the choosing of patterns and organizing of supplies(yarn... needles...) is the part I put off?  How can I keep my yarn stash stocked with quality but inexpensive yarn?  Maybe I need to prepare a year's worth of projects so I can have everything ready for continuing in spare moments (there will surely be at least a few) after my little dear arrives in just five months. Then, maybe then, I would be able to have some knitted Christmas gifts for next year.

...... How much snow will fall overnight and will there finally be enough in the morning for Adelaide to make the snow angel she has been asking and asking about?  3-6 inches are predicted to fall tonight, so it seems likely that bundling and chilling and dripping and stripping and drying - and cocoa, cocoa, possibly the most important part of the ritual! -  are in my near future.

...I almost included a disparaging postscript about the kinds of "deep" thoughts that occupy my mind these days and a tongue-in-cheek comment about how coveted my life must be, but in the process was convicted that quiet and peaceful homeward thoughts are no frivolity, nor are they inconsequential and in fact, are coveted by many.  Instead of inconsequential, these thoughts are actually intended to create an atmosphere of love, peace, growth, and learning for my husband and children, and myself, and as such, bear much weight.  So I confess  the lie I wanted to believe, and move forward with peaceful and pleasurable thoughts for tonight, at least. 

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