Sunday, April 21, 2013

Glimpses- April 2013

My sweet Amelia Kay, (almost) 2 years old! 
This girl has got such incredible personality!  She is such an observer when we are around crowds but at home she keeps us all laughing and entertained!  Above is her "si-wee face" (silly face) and below is her giggling about her silly face! 

 Signs of fun on our patio

My beautiful flowering almond 
 Red tulips all around - we need to add more variety of color next year but this year the most color variety we have is red with yellow dandelions EVERYWHERE!  38 weeks pregnant doesn't allow me to get down on my hands and knees for a lot of weeding at the moment (well, I tried yesterday, but am paying for it today!)
 Lyddie fast asleep after one of our March Kid's Club days!  She fell asleep in the car and would NOT wake up when we got home - this was around 6 in the evening and so unlike her!
 Evidence of Millie's love of "hot cheetos" - a favorite treat with all the kids here on the Rez
Millie trying to wake Lyddie up (after getting washed up first!!)
And last (and LEAST) my sad attempt at a picture really quick here at 38 weeks.  Actually it's not a very representative picture - I actually think I am much bigger than I appear here, but maybe I should always take pictures from this angle in an effort to look smaller!  I will try to have Jesse take a "real" one of me one of these days, but this was about as made-up as I get right now and I figured I'd better capture it while the moment lasted!

In brief news, I have been on a medication for hypertension for three days now and am seeing dramatic results.  My blood pressure was beginning to rise - as it does in all of my pregnancies - and although it took longer this time, I have been feeling very anxious about the idea of  ending up in an emergency situation like I did with Millie where it skyrocketed one night.  I don't mind the idea of being induced, actually, but really would like to avoid the kind of stressful experience in the hospital that I had that time with such high blood pressure that I was on some pretty horrible-feeling medications that left the whole time feeling like one huge blur completely flat on my back and dizzy for three days.  I continue to be so thankful for both my healthy girls and pray that regardless of the birth experience, that is the result again!  We are getting so close and I am eager and excited to have our new little girl in my arms. 

There is such mystery and excitement in wondering what she will look like and be like, both at birth and in the years to come.  The wonder never fades as I watch my two "big girls" (as they insist that they are) interact together in friendship and sisterhood and I am so excited to watch and shape the love these three sisters will have for each other, especially never having had a sister of my own growing up!  It is truly a special and wonderful relationship.

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