Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Two Weeks

Two weeks ago this morning, our little Rosie "came out." She is so beautiful and I am so glad she is part of our little family; I already can't imagine a life without her.  Lyddie and Millie love their little sister and dote on her, which makes my momma heart so happy and proud.  Throughout the day, the little cry of "Can I hold baby Wohhhh-sie?" is heard from big sister Millie, and Lyddie loves to hop up on the couch, settle a throw pillow under her right arm and ask, "Can I hold her, mommy??"

Above is an attempt to photo and edit just a little bit.  I guess I keep documenting here when I am breaking the rules of bed rest but I got up and did a very fast little shoot this morning with baby girl.  I got 2-3 pictures that I am happy enough with, so for an 8 minute shoot, that's pretty good (of course, my standards aren't terribly high for what makes a "good photo" compared to real photographers!)  It has been fun to have my brother's amazing Canon these past two weeks even though I am so unqualified to use it and only go with the auto settings since I know next to nothing about cameras and photography.  One day, maybe not too far off, we can get an SLR for me to learn on, and I know I will invest time and energy into learning, especially as our kids get older and (I think!) more fun to capture on film.  It would also be helpful for our ministry, I think; we have some really talented photographers on staff but it can never hurt to have someone else who knows what they are doing.  

For now I am so thankful that we do have a new point and shoot to use after I sadly pass back my brother's SLR!  I thought I might have to rely on a camera phone for Rosemary's first days so I am thankful for the blessing of borrowing an incredible camera and the fact that my parents gave Jesse a new point and shoot for his birthday. There is a lot we can capture with a P&S and that's important to me.

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and am unsure what the outcome will be.  My blood pressure has been a little better than in the hospital, but still not "good" all the time even on the medications.  I am praying that the doctor would have insight and wisdom and that I would have peace even if the verdict is another week on fairly complete rest.  In the meantime... I'll just keep knitting... just keep knitting... just keep knitting, knitting, knitting...  

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