Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Laundry Day

The puppy got a hold of our inflatable pool (yes, again.  I'm an idiot.  I'm not vigilant enough to be a pet owner, probably) so I was looking for something to keep the girls happy outside for a while but keep them cool.  This little laundry line was perfect and kept them busy for two hours while I was able to get a few things done.  Millie was so proud when she finally was able to get the clothespin open and shut on the line the right way!  Lyddie kept telling me "This is so fun, mom, I've never done this before!  I like this!  This is fun!"  

I had some extra line laying around so I found a place to hang it, gathered a few extra clothespins, some burp rags and a few little tops, a bin with water, and let them go to town!  They "washed" in the cold water, hung each thing up, then took them all down again to do it all over again.  Perfect. 

P.S.  I just went back and realized this was before the puppy got the pool... I guess this morning we were just waiting for swimsuits to dry a little after being washed that morning.  But alas, the pool did get chewed up that night.  We have a new one and it will be guarded with my life and put away every night)

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  1. Oh my word, how uterrly delightful this is ! The girls look like they are having such fun. My Mom used to do this with me, each summer I would plague her to allow me wash all my dolls clothes so she used to set me up something similar and off I'd go. My sisters never had the same fascination with it or indeed dolls, perhaps that accounts for my large family lol anyway. Such a great thing to do withthe girls and I'll bet they will have such happy memories from this !