Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I could see from the kitchen window that it was going to be an incredible sunset.  I grabbed the camera, manually deleted a few pictures from the memory card I had been meaning to empty and dashed outside. 

The drama of the oranges blending into the pinks and then the blues took my breath away.  Mt. Adams standing at attention in the distance seemed to be saying "Look what He created just for you tonight!" The peace of the evening with no one nearby flooded into my soul and I was at once restful and full of plans.  If 110 degree heat always brings such sunsets, I will never complain.

(As a strange side note, that outdoor light troubles me some; it sometimes shines dimly at night and other times is completely dark.  On the rare occasion, it has shone brightly but I can never detect a pattern and as far as I know, neither Jesse nor I know how to control the unsightly beast nor get access to change it way up there.  Strange.)


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  2. So beautiful! We have had some gorgeous ones over there too--but being city people, our sky is never that big!