Tuesday, July 02, 2013


After a few of my favorite bloggers (my mom and Ruth) have been posting for a while about the Year of Projects group they participate in through Ravelry, I decided to take the plunge since I have been organizing myself better to accomplish projects I really like and make sure I have the yarn in advance so there's no discouraging lull after finishing a project.

I am terrible at selecting patterns far in advance because I always change my mind and add new projects.  I also don't have a huge selection of quality yarn in my stash so most new projects require the purchase of yarn - hard on a tight budget, therefore necessitating changes in my plans.  I have divided my coming year up into categories of projects.  I have 11 ideas listed.  With three children under the age of four, I think that is as realistic as I can be, especially since one is a bigger project.  The last category is "extra" - favorites from my Ravelry that I will include if possible. I am still putting this category together but that requires sifting through my favorites and selecting some, which will take a while...

I would like to give more handmade gifts, in part because I think the "special" factor goes up a lot when it's handmade with care and good taste and in part because we simply have so many people to buy for that we could only otherwise afford cheap-o gifts and I would much prefer to put that money into yarn or materials to make something special when possible.
1) a Girlfriend Market bag with stash yarn for a teenager I know with a birthday coming soon (if it turns out well, maybe one or two more for her comrades in their turn)
2)  Stuffed toys + garments for toys for my two bigger girls (pattern to be determined)
3)  several dishcloths as they make great gifts in a bundle with special lotion or soap and because they are a relief to knit after working on bigger projects!
4) a secret gift to be determined

1)  My first adult sweater - for myself!  I have a few patterns in mind:  I am really into this and this but will have to see how my yarn money shakes out over the course of the year
2)  I am currently working on a Rio dress for Rosie; I don't know if the "rules" dictate that I can carry over a current project but nevertheless, it's my current goal!
3) Sunday Sweater for Lyddie with
4)  In Threes cardigan for Millie with
5)  Finish my Birch Leaf Shawl

1)  First adult sweater (see above)
2)  Learn basics of Fair Isle knitting with a hat pattern to be selected
3)  Make my first attempt at blocking a garment (coming soon with a finished project

1)  Phoebe's sweater
2) ... more coming!

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  1. Oh Welcome Sarah, I was just checking back through posts as I was long overdue a visit to your blog. Delighted to see your joining us. If you introduce your blog in the group and post a link to this post all the other wonderful ladies will come check out your great blog and list. I don't tend to have a lot of yarn in my stash either, unless you count cotton which I've an abundance of for cloths as I'm always knitting those for gifts to so I tend to buy what I need so I plan one or two projects in advance and buy those and work towards them. The In Threes cardigan is super, I've knit one for Evelyn for when she was about 3 mths and am going to knit it in a bigger size for her for the autumn and winter. I think a loose based idea and category list is a good way to go especially if you change your mind alot, I do and am only now doing the category kind of list. If you've any questions just shout but I'm sure your Mom will be able to answer anything and I hope you enjoy it, you really do get a good bit done.