Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yarn Along, In Threes and Sunday Sweater

Earlier this week I cast on and have been making good headway on my In Threes cardigan for Amelia with Cascade Superwash in a creamy color.  I wanted something that would go with almost any outfit, and I love that it is short-sleeved so that is can be worn through more seasons and it doesn't cover up the entire shirt underneath.  I've never knit with Superwash before and it is a good, even, inexpensive yarn that will hopefully stand up through many washings - my Millie is that classic kid who always has chocolate or jam smeared on her cheeks, a runny nose, or watermelon juice dribbled on her shirt, no matter how often I wipe her face. Precious girl, I love her so. 

I continue to read young adult fiction as one of the few genres my tired brain digests and truly enjoys these days.  Books for that target audience are easy to set down on the bedside table and pick up without losing your spot, a detail that is crucial since I usually only have a few minutes at night before bed to read right now.  I just finished The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.  I am now reading The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall, which is a sequel to The Penderwicks, a book Jesse and I read together a few years ago and hoped at that time for a sequel.  Lo and behold, I saw this in the library the other day and snatched it up!  Sweet stories of a family of motherless sisters living with their professor father, these are books I will be adding to our library for my girls to enjoy as they get older.  They are reminiscent of E. Nesbit's work; rambling gentle tales from a child's eyes; one big conflict to be overcome and several smaller conflicts throughout. 

Lyddie in her Sunday Sweater...  I didn't notice until looking at these pictures that one side of the front is longer than the other because of the way it blocked, I suppose!!  Little fingers got into the sweater before it was completely dry, the only explanation I can find, because I carefully laid it out evenly while it was wet.  I am still new to the blocking process; any suggestions or tips for how to remedy this problem?  I am planning to block it again and lengthen the left front side a little- the right front is about an inch longer.  The sleeves also blocked longer than I intended but this I can live with as the sweater is roomy enough for her to continue to grow into and I would love it to fit her for longer.  
Here's what happens when you tell a cheesy three-year old to model:
Joining up with Ginny's Yarn Along today; won't you take a peek at what other beautiful projects are on all the needles this week?


  1. What a pretty cardigan, your little girl looks adorable, in it. Deb x

  2. I love the Sunday sweater and the adorable girl in the flowers. Happy Knitting!

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Oh, what a sweet model and sweater! :)

    1. Hi! Oh I hope you stop back by to see this because I wanted to tell you I can't access your blog anymore but I know it is still there because google chrome accessed a "cached" version of it today with your baked oatmeal post from just a couple days ago! I can't figure out why it won't let me go to your blog anymore and I need to research it more but I have loved reading your blog and am sad that it "disappeared" for me. I wonder if it is google chrome's problem and I will try researching that but in the meantime, know that I keep trying since yours is one of my favorites that I came across from Yarn Along!

  4. What a lovely little cardi perfect. Such a sweet and expressive little one :)

  5. Love the sweater and your model is a fun one!! Lovely knitting :) I love top down construction of sweaters because once you section off the sleeves, poof you're done!!!

  6. Love the model. She's gorgeous. I know what you mean about reading classic fiction written for young people. It's nice to lose yourself in those gentle novels.

  7. Very cute photos! I wouldn't worry about the blocking as the sweater will need reshaping each time it's washed anyway.
    I love that you have been reading Oz books - I have them on my list as I work my way through all the children's literature that I missed as a child.