Thursday, September 12, 2013


We brought our watercolor paints out to the yard yesterday.  I didn't realize how sweltering it was out until I looked at the girls' faces a few minutes into the project - bright pink from the heat.  It was surely in the 90s but they were happily painting away in spite of the heat.  I thought it was a little hilarious that the sweet picture of the three of them disintegrated into fussing and concern in the span of about ten seconds, at which point we rushed inside and poured water down our parched throats.

Rosie loves her doorway jumper - she loves to stand and be upright so she can see better!  Sweet little one, she always has such a ready smile for us all.  

We had our big Sacred Road after-school program kick off this afternoon so our house is a bit extra tired tonight, I think, especially Jesse, who has been working really hard this week in getting ready for it, substitute teaching a couple days, and preparing to focus hard on fundraising next week. I fed the girls dinner before he got home tonight and we put them to bed and sat to have dinner just the two of us, and had a full conversation with maybe only one or two interruptions. That qualifies as a date to me these days! To have each others' somewhat undivided attention was really nice as we talked through how the afternoon went and how all the kids did.  We have increased from six kids in the ministry program most of last year to twelve or thirteen this fall!  That's a big and exciting jump.  Many of the children have so many different kinds of difficulties and challenges in their lives, and we serve a big God who boldly says "Let the little ones come to me."  We echo that call here.  On Sunday, our pastor led a portion of the church service for Hope Fellowship while holding Daylene, a little three year old girl from the community, in his arms.  What a picture of the Christ who tenderly loves His little, weak, helpless flock and always has time to care for us. 

Since I can't keep from yawning every minute and a half, that's a clear signal that 10:20 is too late for this gal to still be up.  It is such a temptation to stay up late in the quiet evenings with my yarn or my book but the morning comes so quickly and I am trying hard to curb my night owl desires so I can be that same type of Christ-like shepherd to my little flock each day.

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