Thursday, October 17, 2013

Links for Sunshine

My poor girl is miserable.  I am missing her sunshine, so I created a little artificial sunshine instead.  I love this sweet pattern I knit up last spring before her arrival.  Baby has mastered the art of the sad bottom lip and large puppy dog eyes brimming over with tears as she looks at me, silently inquiring "Why can't you make this better, mommy?" Oh lovey, if only I could!

So we are quiet around the house today (well, as quiet as three little girls ever are) with lots of soft cuddly clothes, rhythmic rocking in a chair, tylenol, teething tablets, and baby Orajel -yes, I am using everything I can think of.  Not much else getting accomplished round these parts but that's okay because I'm here with my girls and oh it's a long day since Jesse is gone all evening working and has been gone since the morning. My plans to add interest to the day by visiting a nearby library story time were foiled by the little fever so it may be a PBS-and-color-crayons kind of afternoon here.

If you are looking for a little more sunshine in your day, I always enjoy reading Alicia's blog for a glimpse of lovely - Posie Gets Cozy.  

I am searching for the perfect, simple soup recipe for the four of us at home tonight using the Blue Hubbard squash I've picked from our garden and roasted.   I am leaning toward this Roasted Pumpkin Sage Soup for it's utter simplicity and low Weight Watchers points but would have much more fun making this similarly named Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Sage which looks like it would have much more interest in terms of flavor.  Both blogs are two of my favorite recipe sources, although Local Kitchen tends to be a little more gourmet than I currently have time and/or money for right now.  Yum - I recommend poking around both blogs.  Yeah, the verdict is the first option, which will allow me to save my energy for my neediest little munchkin.

...Wish me luck, the Teething Monster is still upon us...

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