Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Glimpses

 Glimpses of today: Cinderella girl modeling her Halloween costume, silly faces, snuggles after bad dreams, Mobile Baby.  

Let it be known that I did not put my 5 month old under the piano bench.  She rolled and scooted across the entire floor in about three minutes, which is her new favorite activity, so when I heard "Hey mom!  Rosie got herself under the piano bench!" I really wasn't surprised in the least.  She's not technically crawling but she is working hard to rock on her hands and knees and I always laugh when I see her focus so hard and all of a sudden she figures out how to pull one knee up under her tummy and push forward a little.  She is still such a delightful baby and brings such bright sunshiny smiles into the room with her wherever she goes.  And GOSH she looks just like her daddy to me now.  Sometimes I see him staring out at me from her eyes.

Still pulling up and harvesting our tomato jungle.  My stipulation for planting tomatoes next year is that a trellising system MUST be in place first.  Otherwise we will again end up with creeping tomato ground cover.  Not my cup o' tea for harvesting.

I will be making this pear butter in the next couple of days with a box I picked up down the road.  I made several jars a couple years ago and Jesse hasn't stopped talking about it since.  It really is so yummy.

I am staring at and kissing those long two-year old eyelashes as she sleeps in my arm (and typing one-handed with the other.)  Sweet one woke with a bad dream just as I was heading off to bed and now I am reluctant to give up the soft fleecy bundle in my lap.  

We have started watching "New Girl" and find it hilariously entertaining for brain-tired nights.  I won't even share how many episodes we have breezed through in just a few short days.  Too embarrassing.  Zooey Deschanel is darling in it.

Well, I should put off the inevitable and trundle Miss sweet back to her bed before falling into my own.  Jesse and I have been alternating sides of the bed each night because that way we each get at least decent sleep every other night.  Bless his heart... I just couldn't keep up anymore with such frequent wakings.  Truly 3-4 times every night for various reasons and just too much. I am on the side nearest the girls tonight so needless to say, I will be tired tomorrow.   

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