Wednesday, November 20, 2013

yarn along and my heart song

Who am I kidding?  I took this picture of these books but I have not had time to read this week.  I think I listened to a chapter or two of Dracula on CraftLit (which I continue to plug each week because Heather Ordover is awesome and her podcast is fabulous).  But my life has been just really full every second of the day, and by the time I fall into bed, I spend a little bit of time zoning out on my phone with that weird game everyone has been obsessed about for months that I just found - Candy Crush.  Intellectual?  Nope.  Relaxing and sleep-inducing?  Uh huh.  

I cast on my Sugared Violets wrap in Canopy Fingering from The Fibre Company.  Divine.  I completely love this yarn and all the variations of purple in it.  The picture above represents the color well and the pattern is interesting too. I didn't realize until I was casting on that it is worked top-down, increasing outwardly with a pretty little eyelet border along the top.  This is the first thing I have knit for myself in a long time!  I also finished my Pansy Mitts for my friend's birthday and forgot to take a picture before giving them to her- oops!  That is another great pattern that I will make again.

In other news, Christmas music is in full swing at our house which is a little anachronistic with the fall decorations everywhere.  But when one's husband (who was in previous years Scroogish about the holiday hoopla) says "I think it's time to start listening to Christmas music," one loses no time!  I am looking forward to seeing the ways that our community will be blessed by the Lord this Christmas as His love pours from churches and families and individuals around the whole country to this little town of White Swan and the parts of the Reservation around it.   I am looking forward to the smiles of the children, some of whom have nothing to smile about except the love of Christ.  I am looking forward to joyous singing and rejoicing together with our new church - Hope Fellowship - over Christ, the Messiah, Savior, Divine Baby and Righteous King.  It may only be November 19, but my heart is singing a month ahead.

I am joining up with Ginny for Yarn Along!  Can't wait to see what other beautiful things are cooking along on needles this week!


  1. That *is* a pretty yarn. I'm such a sucker for purple-y plum colors.

  2. what a fun happy blog post! I have that pattern and am waiting for THE yarn to knit it up with, I do have stash yarn and should start there, but I'm focused on gift knitting. When I read at night I fall asleep. Now to see what candy crush is all about :)

  3. Such pretty purple yarn. I know what you mean about reading these days! I have such great intentions, but I'm lucky if I keep up with my daughter's school reading!

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    That is a gorgeous yarn! I have way too much in my stash already, but I feel I must go and check the Fibre Company. Dracula is one of my favourite books to knit to in the dead of winter - I have it on CD, so I have the perfect excuse to just sit, knit and listen!

  5. That shawl pattern is beautiful. I love the color you are using.