Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Glimpses

Our neighbors currently have two cows in their pasture and the girls get giggly and excited when we hear the loud "moo" almost directly behind our shop.  Then Lyddie dances around and says "The cow sounds like this: MAAAAOOOOOOOO" while making the funniest grimace you can imagine.  It is hilarious and I need to try to capture it in a video for posterity. I can't figure out what breed of cattle these are.  We went for a walk behind and around our property in the orchard to get a closer look and they came running over, and Millie promptly looked terrified and announced that she doesn't like cows and is afraid of when they moo.  But Lyddie would have jumped in the pasture with them if I'd let her.  And that right there is a great picture of their different personalities.

It has been windy  here in the lower Yakima valley and the trees are standing out starkly against the sky again.  I feel a little sad for the naked branches, disrobed and cold.  The view out our windows changes much when the leaves go, and we can see further into the orchard than just the first row of two of trees.  

Rosemary, my almost 7-month-old (how can it be? Oh stop, my little love!) has exciting news:  the little saw-like ridges of her first tooth has cut through her bottom gums!  This week she also discovered that instead of aimlessly rolling and scooting around the house, she can set her sights on something and propel herself to it.  This consists of hitching both of her knees up under her tummy, staying on hands-and-knees for a few seconds and then shooting forward. Rinse, lather, repeat, until you reach that diaper bag strap, or that tiny piece of paper on the floor left by your sisters, or the piano bench leg, all of which are infinitely more interesting than the boring brightly colored rattly toys scattered on the floor for her.  It really won't be long until she is pulling herself up and then my life is over.  (smile)

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  1. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Oh what gorgeous pictures and look at little Rosie, I can't believe just how quickly time has gone by! Evelyn is one in a couple of weeks and I can't bear to do November's what we've been up to because then we are in December and my baby is one and I then come to the point of no longer having that will be the last time we have a baby do x, y or z or say or do something and that is a whole fresh set of things to deal with. I just love the picture of both girls walking away down the path, that is such a sweet precious picture and it is amazing how different little ones can be :)