Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February on a Tuesday

I am working on a new baby Amanda hat but modifying it to fit either Lyddie or Millie... not sure which it will fit best when I'm done!  I'm using a fuschia Simpliworsted yarn that I was given for my birthday... which was originally going to be a pair of Fair Isle mitts but that was abandoned and frogged in favor of a prettier project.  This is definitely prettier and I love this pattern!  The lace pattern is simple and easily memorized so that I can work on it anywhere and the outcome is really pretty.  I am still reading The Book of the Dun Cow by Walt Wangerin Jr.  It is excellent enough that all the other books I was poking through have been put aside.  After it's done, I will probably go back to reading Farmer Boy  in earnest.

A few weeks ago I popped into Target to pick something up and I saw an adorable baby outfit on the clearance rack. I rarely buy clothes for Rosie because seriously, the girl has an incredible and beautiful wardrobe of hardly worn clothes.  But this one stopped me in my tracks with a cute onesie top and the pants!  The fair isle knit pants got me and oh my goodness, it was under $5.  Sadly, it was only in 0-3 month size so I left it alone, what could I do? And went my merry way.  When we opened a package from my mom on Valentine's Day and a nine month version of this same outfit was tucked in there, I squealed with excitement!  She's already worn it twice since Friday.  Goes to show that my mom and I have similar (and excellent) taste, since she had no idea I'd even seen the outfit before. 

Did anyone else have Precious Places as a child?  As an adult I am just as enthralled with this toy as I was as a child.  The intricate detail on the dollhouse and the figurines and furniture is beautiful and my girls had been begging for me to get it out for them this week, so today I pulled it out of the closet and helped them set it up.  It kept them happy and busy for at least two and a half hours.  I heard one sole instance of bickering and the rest of the time, quiet chatter behind the door, closed to keep Rosie's little fingers and mouth away from the tiny pieces.  Maybe tomorrow the enchantment will hold again...

I am joining up again with Ginny's Wednesday Yarn Along!  Won't you click over and see what she's working on too?


  1. We had a little tykes doll house for the kids and I think I loved playing with it more than they did. It's in the basement waiting for the grandchildren days that are in the far future for now. Love that you received the exact outfit that you were eyeing up in Target! That is cool!

  2. Such lovely photo's, love the colour of your yarn, very cheery. X

  3. Love the picture of the dolly in bed. Doll house days are far behind me, but then, with grandbaby Charlotte, we will enjoy those fun days once again! How cool about the outfit...

  4. Your hat is looking good! I just love when things like that happen - getting a gift that you really really want unexpectedly. They look absolutely adorable too :-)

  5. Hi Sarah! Thanks for linking to Mel's Kitchen Cafe awhile ago...I've tried four recipes from her since then and they've all been hits at our house. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on things. "When did she get to be so wise?" I asked my sister. "She's always been that way" was Rachel's answer. :)