Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Slow Days... or Not

For our "slow" time of the year, it sure has been busy and I basically have to choose between knitting and reading most days.  I spent a couple hours waiting for my doctor to see me this week (for foot pain related to a previous ankle sprain - nothing serious) and didn't bring my knitting so I got quite a bit further into The Book of the Dun Cow.  I love allegories and it is one incredible book.

I am still working on my Cabernet hat and loving the Bamtastic yarn - it's so soft!  I almost picked up some Cascade 220 for an Amanda hat for my girls at the craft store tonight but ended up grabbing some flour sack towels  on sale for embroidery instead, since I downloaded these adorable patterns and wanted to have things on hand for another time I'm feeling an itch for something different than clicking needles.  I have a sweet cross-stitch kit from Shepherd's Bush that I got for Christmas that I am considering starting too but will probably finish my hat first. In all the years I've been knitting, I have rarely knit anything for myself, and this is project #2 in a row for myself!  Oh, well, except the baby booties I did in between.  Click on over to Ginny's Yarn Along - what are you knitting or crafting?

Can you see the intense concentration on Lyddie's face in her snowball fight?  Snowball fights are her new passion, unfortunately for Millie who hates anything cold and who somehow always seems to get some down her neck. 

We got lovely snow here this week!  The temperatures have really dropped again; instead of the highs being in the 40s, tomorrow's high is 23, which means it will probably only actually get to 20 degrees and most of the day will be in the low teens... at least that's my prediction.  It's not based on much except two years of experience, but that seems to be about all the weather prediction systems seem to have here, as they were predicting sunshine all day WHILE it was dumping snow on us a couple days ago.  

We have been memorizing a verse a week from John as a family, so we now all have five verses memorized for the first five weeks of the year!  I want dance around with joy when I hear little Millie recite these words in her little sweet voice, and Lyddie's memory is like a steel trap anyway so she's doing better than I am.  

Jesse and I just finished watching a trilogy of movies about a couple who meet on the train when they are young, and then the next movie is 9 years later, and the next about 10 years after that. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. Ethan Hawke and a French actress, Julie Delpy, that I'm not otherwise familiar with, star almost exclusively in the movies.  If you only like movies where a lot of action happens, these are not for you.  But we loved them, and their relationship reminded us so much of ours, even down to the laid-back guy/writer paired with passionate strong female... the first movie felt pretty reminiscent of when we first met and I loved it.  I am always hesitant to make movie recommendations because of differing standards for language, sexual content, etc, so do be aware that you should check into that first if you decide to look up the movies. 


  1. Oh my Lyddie! I can't believe that hat still fits her! Great pictures and so fun to see you all "doing life". Love you all!

  2. love love love the hat! the ribbons are so pretty threaded through. We have so much snow today! Unexpected which is the best kind.

  3. whoops, I just left a comment and seems to have disappeared so you may get two! Cute patten and cute photos. It all looks like good fun. We are still waiting for snow but it's very blustery and rainy here. I hope your foot heals well...it's a good excuse for knitting and reading. Oh and watching romantic films.
    Take care and keep warm.

  4. I agree with Karen...love the ribbony hat! So cute! I'm still deep into Little House and find it's my go-to when I can't sleep since the stories are so peaceful (even in the occasional suspenseful parts). We just finished reading The Pilgrim's Progress; when my kids were much younger, we read a version called "Little Pilgrim's Progress" that was, I think, published by Abeka books. Very well done and well loved by the kids. Amazing how easily they can grasp the truths of the gospel!

    Snow is headed our way, or so says the weather report, this weekend. Looking forward to it as we've not had much at all this year.

    Blessings, Lisa ;)

  5. Cutest little hat! My daughter is going to insist on one when I show her your pics! :)

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog :-) I actually had popped over here earlier today to get a closer look at that hat--I love the color!