Friday, February 07, 2014

Pleasant Places

The sun-sparkling snow, diamonds crusted and dropped from on high.  The shadowy hills gray and gorgeous, giant pillows of piled crystal.

Joyous report of happy hope and restoration according to prayers offered early, late, rising to You and You being pleased to reply Yes, Yes, all is Yes in Christ and I turn my face to the Son, warmth melting the creeping ice up the windows of my soul, moisture evaporating and going... gone. 

Clear to see again the beauty of cleansed land, cleansed mind, soul-washed, heart-soft, soft as the gentle white covering, sharp definitions removed and all blending as Grace. Yes, all is grace in Jesus, who is good, so good to me. Clouds?  Doubt?  Confusion?  How could that have been?  The sun has risen and I remember again the pleasant places where the lines have fallen for me. 


  1. Beautiful, Sarah. That first photo is just amazing. Thank you, Jesus!

  2. love your snowy photos and there is nothing in the world like sunshine on snow :)

  3. Oh, Sarah. Thank you. I long for this. Someday.