Monday, February 10, 2014

Truly Rambly

We got at least ten inches of snow this weekend at our house and it is lovely.

What's not as lovely is my miserable nine month old trying to cut eight... yes, eight teeth at once.  Moaning and crying every second she is awake and my patience wears thin.  Only one tooth has actually made an appearance (well, besides the two she cut a couple months ago) but the entire front of her top gum is puffy and bulging.  Where is my Rosie Joy, the great joy of my days?  

Today was actually a bit better for her and we had a really peaceful day.  Playing outside in the snow as I pulled my girls on their sleds while Rosie napped and then came inside for little girl cocoa and toe-warming.  This afternoon we watched a bit of Olympic ice skating, played with balloons to get some wiggles out, ate filling beans and rice for dinner, and I finished knitting my Cabernet hat (pictures tomorrow)!!  It turned out so pretty and I can't wait until it's done blocking (over a balloon... I have never seen someone block a hat this way but it's genius because... duh!  It shapes it the same general shape as the head that will wear it!) so I can wear it in this cold weather!

Sigh... aren't those girls up there in those pictures so beautiful?  I desperately want to be fully present in the moments I have them here at home with me.  I have turned off email and facebook notifications on my phone because I found I was constantly checking to see what that blinking light meant and then of course I had to check and see what email came through, and oh yes, just junk email again but what if...?  So a couple weeks ago I turned off the notifications and the temptation to pick up my phone and enter virtual world who knows how many times a day has diminished and the habit of being fully present here with my children, which I didn't realize had begun to slip, has returned.  I turn on my computer almost exclusively for recipe lookup when they are awake and use their afternoon rest time to catch up on email and facebook if I'm not working through it.  Not that I'm succeeding perfectly or that everyone needs to have that kind of rule for themselves, but I find that I do or I am tempted to get lost in the world of facebook, blogs, ravelry, instagram...It is better for our family this way.

I am waiting eagerly for a tax refund so we can keep going with our debt snowball and get a bit more momentum.  It IS possible for us to pay off our debt and I keep praying and watching for God's provision and trying to be diligent with the gifts He has given us.  I am definitely the "nerd" of our marriage, as Dave Ramsey would call me and I am always trying finagle our budget to be able to make it work best and live on less so we can throw more toward the debts.  In the long run we will be most happy at that, I know.   

We bought peanut M&Ms as a treat for our housebound children yesterday but they are impeding my Weight Watchers progress; I think I might gain weight just by looking at the package in the pantry!  But one of my friends contacted me this week saying she just joined WW too and oh joy, just the idea of having someone to talk with and be excited with about it.  That alone is probably a good reason to go to weekly meetings but I just haven't pursued that because it seems logistically difficult to get to meetings at this stage of my life. Instead I am just doing WW online as I had done before I got pregnant with Rosie.  I need to kick it into gear.

I have been exploring the world of workout videos on Youtube the past month.  I always feel a little silly that I'm not just heading out to walk or run but again... scheduling gets kind of tricky with little ones at home and short daylight hours!  I need it in however it works, even if it's dark evening.  Do you have any favorite workouts you do at home?  

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