Monday, March 03, 2014

Chicken Little



I'd like to say we picked up more chicks for practical reasons... that we were going to cull our flock and replace them with fresh layers but honesty requires me to admit that I just have serious love for baby animals of every kind.  We will probably try to figure out which two or three hens are lazy layers and then decide what to do with them but in the meantime, we are just having fun with these babies. Lyddie is noticeably more mature in how she handles the chicks this year than last year and I love watching her with them.  As I was caring for them a few at a time, she was able to hold 2-3 on her lap at once and they quickly drifted off to sleep on her cozy little nest of a lap.  Millie thought it important that they have another blankie and pillow and flitted off to find something suitable.  My little nurturers.

I have an appointment scheduled for Rosie at Seattle Children's Orthopedic clinic this week. I am nervous about it and relieved to have it scheduled and I am thankful for the x-ray that identified the problem with her hips.  I am nervous about the potential treatment road ahead but try to let it rest in God's hands. 

Lots of knitting on the drive ahead, so I should be able to finish Lyddie's Amanda hat in the next couple days.  What should I knit next...?  I don't yet know but will settle it before I finish this hat or else it might take me a while to decide.  It helps me to have my knitting projects planned and prepared before the current project is done, or there might be a lull and I will feel listless without that creative outlet at hand.


  1. Love! As far as knitting goes, we can always take quick trip down to Makers! ;)

  2. praying for your little one, good luck with the consult! Baby anything is just adorable. Love the way your children look at in amazement at the new life!!