Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yarn along

Here it is Wednesday again (okay do I'm writing this Tuesday night because I never have time to post in the mornings...)! That means it's time for Yarn Along with Ginny!

This week I am still reading On the Banks of Plum Creek and knitting Rosie an "In Threes" cardigan. Not much time to knit this week since we have a few extra activities ahead of us but I've made some progress on the cardi. You can tell its a busy week when I rely on my phone for pictures for a post- no time even to plug the camera into the computer and look through photos there... just the kind of night when I snap one quick before climbing in bed to type the rest of the post on my tiny phone keyboard.

This Saturday our friend and the leader/founder of our ministry is receiving an Indian name- a huge honor! We get to attend the ceremony as a family. We are really excited for Chris. Then, of course Easter on Sunday (as a side note, do any of you exchange goodies with your spouse on Easter? We aren't this year but I think we have in years past) and the next weekend there will be a birthday celebration at our house.  Our family alone has three birthdays in 2 1/2 weeks!

So April is a whirlwind:
I'm hoping to get a few seeds in the ground this week so our garden can start.
The chicks are growing fast and got moved to temporary housing until they are full grown and we can attempt to move them into the big coop with the rest of the flock.

Our genius dogs have found crazy ways to break through our gate and are driving me crazy.

We planted a cherry tree start, a weeping willow start, and a maple start out around the property.  I hope they make it. We have a few other starts to put in the ground as well- a couple pears, a couple more maples, and another willow. The tiny willow is already leafing out so that's a hopeful sign. We desperately long for more shade on our property in the summer so maybe down the road we'll get there.


  1. my little dog would do some houdini tricks and we had to keep securing the compound....but we did it! Good luck in keeping the dogs in where they are supposed to be. love your sweet little sweater :)

  2. Sweater is lovely so far, I love that baby food chugging pic! Have a great rest of your week!

  3. The sweater is looking lovely, I particularly like the colour. Good luck with keeping the dogs in.

  4. Gorgeous photos of your girls. That's a sweet baby cardigan pattern. Have a wonderful Easter. X