Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend Glimpses: Mool Mool and Resurrection

Tomorrow is Easter.  I can never decide which is my favorite holiday between Christmas and Easter, but I love Easter, so it might win.  I wish I had several really meaningful or fun traditions related to Easter but the past two years (last year I was due any day with baby number three and this year we increased our household to four children) have been so busy at this specific time of year that instead of berating myself over a few of the things I wished we did this year, I need to celebrate the things that we will do or have done. 

So the celebration.  This weekend our brother Chris received an Indian name: Mool Mool.  I have heard several translations of the word but it usually relates to a bubbling spring.  What a fitting name for a man whom God's love bubbles out of and spills onto everyone around him!  We were so honored to attend the ceremony and it was a special celebration at the longhouse in White Swan. One of the gifts Jesse received was this gorgeous blanket pictured above.  The picture doesn't show the true depth of color but it was so cozy on my rocking chair tonight, I couldn't resist.  For the meal before the ceremony, we were asked to provide 5 dozen dyed eggs, and it didn't take much (read:any) arm twisting for the girls to help me!  They were more "help" than help, if you know what I mean, but it was so fun and the colors were so beautiful with the dyes we used and we made sweet memories together. 

Tomorrow we celebrate our risen Lord.  He has conquered death, which holds no fear for us any longer, and His life is the light of men.  The longer I live, and especially the longer I live here in grateful (and honestly, sometimes not so grateful) service to my King, the more joy and meaning His death and resurrection hold for me.  We watched "The Prince of Egypt" with the girls last night, one of my favorite animated movies, and the scene with the burning bush had me in tears because it reminded me all over again of God's firm command to do all He wills but paired with such tender encouragement and promises of His own presence and love. Moses' reaction of joy and trembling and wonder is .... well, it reminds me of how I feel when He makes His presence known tangibly to me and encouraged me, especially on the heavy day of Good Friday.

He is risen... He is risen indeed.  Hallelujah!

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  1. I hope you had a lovely Easter :)