Friday, June 13, 2014

Multnomah Falls


This week we took a little roadtrip over the Columbia to Multnomah Falls in Oregon.  I'd driven by it a few times on the highway in the past but I didn't even realize there was a hike to the top until Jesse suggested it when we were pondering where to go for a family day trip.  After stopping in Goldendale for snacks and listening to Lyddie's eager commentary on the boats, trains, and birds out in the river, we stopped at Memaloose State Park for a picnic lunch.  Then we loaded into the car again for just another half hour to get to the falls. 

It. is. beautiful.  One of the things I miss about the Seattle area is the lush, verdant green everywhere at all times of the year, so I got a dose of green on this hike.  It is a rather steep hike, switchbacks the whole way up to the top of the falls, and I think several fellow hikers were surprised to see us make it to the top lugging one baby and two preschoolers, but we really enjoy hiking and the girls did so well.  Rosie fell asleep as I climbed the last switchback but woke up a little afterward and got to splash her feet in the icy waters at the top.  

Lovely family memories made.  Isn't summer great?


  1. Love that you made it to the top! Multnomah Falls is a favorite of ours, and, in fact, we were pondering a visit there for Father's Day after church, but the weather isn't cooperating very well. We will have to go another day. :)

  2. gorgeous photos of you and the family! I love falls and we have one about an hour from here that we haven't visited in a long long time. Might have to do that!!