Tuesday, July 08, 2014



It's late and I feel chatty as I look over these pictures from the past couple days.

First of all, raspberry popsicles are not worth the trouble.  First I had to pick the berries, then puree them with lime juice and sugar, then strain them, then put them in the freezer, first cleaning up the huge amount that spilled all over the freezer when the dang thing tipped over.   They were yummy and a fun treat to make with Millie, but I need to find a lower maintenance popsicle recipe to try next.

It is hot - HOT here!  Tomorrow we are supposed to have a high of 100 degrees.  We have been doing a lot of water play and hunkering in the cool house.  I did bake a pie last night but otherwise refuse to turn the oven on unless absolutely necessary.  It's the kind of heat that I just can't make myself do any gardening or yardwork until the sun goes down and so I have been sitting on the floor watching little girls dance to the Frozen soundtrack, reading lots of storybooks and so on. 

Rosie is now toddling everywhere!  I love watching her teeter around on her little feet, plopping down on her bottom all the time and popping right back up again to try some more.  She is teething (still) and finally has all four molar points through on the top on both sides but the bottom gums are so swollen and painful looking that I am hoping the teeth break through in the next day or so to give her some relief.  She is really a huge stinker, definitely the baby of the family and I have settled into more discipline and more pushing for her to use appropriate communication.  She uses few words and mostly yells and shoves and points and whines for what she wants.  So much for having a speech therapist for a mom...  I have probably been too lax in pushing her to use words (or basic signs at least) to make her requests because my ears are so tired most of the time that I just want the noise to stop!  

We bought some countertop paint to try on our bathroom laminate counters, the ones that were yellow and green marble from the 70's.  I went with a cool dark gray and love it.  For $20 paint, I couldn't be happier with the result and every time I walk into the bathroom I just want to sit back and take in the positive changes I can see happening in this house as we move slowly ahead with our plans for prettying the place.  I am toying with doing the walls in a pale lavender and repainting the cupboards white.  I would like wrought iron hardware.  Tentative plans but I may change them when it comes down to decision making.

Jesse had the day off today and spent it almost exclusively working on the play house to go on top of the swing set platform.  It's going to be really cute, I think, and the girls are going to love having a space that is just theirs to play in outside.  He even has shingles for the roof and cedar fence boards for the siding.  We decided that the two windows will just be open but I may make little curtains to hang in there!  Maybe we can make a tiny table and stools to put in there too. 


  1. The easiest popsicle out there is watermelon pops. Just puree fresh melon and freeze. No need for any other flavors or sweeteners.

  2. Oh, tell me about raspberry popsicles!! I tried that a couple of years ago, and I will never do it again. All that work, all those seeds! Oh, Sarah. Countertop paint. I did not know such a thing existed. And to think I of all the years I lived with weird mustard yellow in our old house...sigh... lol. Pretty summertime scenes in your photos. : )