Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yarn Along, travel edition

The twisted seed stitch pattern of my Shalom cardigan is very pretty but is time-consuming.  It takes me so long to do one row. I also hadn't figured on the fact that the stitch pattern in the yoke may take up a lot of yarn in comparison to the stockinette sweater I repurposed the yarn from, but considering the original sweater had a collar, sleeves, and pockets and this project is cap-sleeved and sweeps away from the midline, I think I should have plenty.

Right after taking this picture,  I read the last two chapters of Little House on the Prairie. Every time Almanzo made an appearance my heart went pitter pat in such a silly way! Today was our eighth wedding anniversary,  and reading about sweet young beginnings of love at this time made me remember so clearly the first days and months of our love. 
In a similar yet unrelated vein,  every time a shawl or wrap was mentioned in the book, my knitter's imagination ran zigzagging away from me wondering about the style, color, and origin of their garments. As a living history reeanctor in my younger years, I have a love affair with understanding civilian lifestyles,  woman's daily fashions, etc, of times past. Aw, knitting. You provide such a fulfilling link from my present mind to the women who have come before.

Next up, These Happy Golden Years! I am joining up with Ginny but typing on my phone since we are out of town right now, so providing an actual link may or may not happen.


  1. I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder's books. Little Town on the Prairie was one of my favorite books by her. I also love reading about Almanzo! Happy anniversary! Wishing you a beautiful day! :)

  2. It always bothered me that Almanzo's name got shortened to "Manly". (Even reading them as a kid this bothered me..haha, i'm not even sure why.)
    That sweater as been in my favorites for a really long time, I should just knit it already! Love your yarn :)

  3. I've loved Little House on the Prairie since the TV series was shown every Sunday here in the UK when I was a kid. I hadn't read the books until recently, when I ordered 'In the Big Woods'. I love reading of the daily rituals of their life and, as you say, the details of knitting and sewing.
    Your cardigan will be so worth your time when it's finished. It's a great colour- perfect for autumn and winter.
    Happy knitting!

  4. Shalom is on my list too! I love the color of yours. I'm fairly confident that is the same printing as my childhood little house series. :) And yes, you should def. take up quilting. It is a wonderful craft and the internet is a plethora of information!

  5. I hope you have enough yarn, it sounds like you do! Gorgeous color and the way the light is angling my oh my, so pretty!

  6. I need to finish reading that series! that is a beautiful red yarn! good for you for working on a challenging knit! Looks great!