Thursday, September 04, 2014

Late Yarn Along

I'm a day late on the Yarny posts but decided to go ahead anyway. I've been working steadily on my Shalom using repurposed yarn and I'm feeling pretty positive about how it will turn out at this point!  I missed a whole row in the yoke so I had to frog a good 8 rows or more on our vacation but as always I'm glad I did and also glad I didn't notice the mistake too much further on! Tonight I cast off the cap sleeves and now I think the body will zip through. It will be thick and warm for when the weather turns truly cold. I think repurposing the yarn makes me connect even more with this garment, maybe akin to how people feel when using homespun/home dyed yarns (though not as cool). I figured out how to deconstruct a store bought sweater from my youth and remake into something I will like more now. That's pretty cool.

I finished all the Little House books up to The First Four Years and when I picked it up last night, I had a sense of foreboding that I was going to be sorely disappointed.  After deliberation,  I have decided not to read it. I just feel that Laura didn't finish writing it for a reason and after devouring her beautiful polished writing, this draft-like posthumous work was so lacking. So I am unexpectedly finished with the series and feel like a good friend just moved away. What a beautiful trip those books were for me in my current stage of life.

I often forget to include what audiobooks I'm listening to via CraftLit. I'm still enjoying North and South so much and will probably write more on my thoughts in a few weeks. I also started listening to an archived book from CraftLit- The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, having no idea I was stepping into one of the earliest mystery novels.

Can I include a little watch list too? We have been enjoying the BBC show The Paradise and are eager for the third season to air in a few weeks. We also watched a really good movie called Short Term Twelve that was a pretty realistic portrayal of life working with "troubled" (for lack of a better word) youth.

We got back last night from a trip to visit friends on thd Oregon Coast. I can't wait to look through my pictures but haven't been able to upload them to my computer since I left the camera cord somewhere at my parents' house last week on our trip.  So far that's the only thing I've discovered we're missing which is pretty stellar for 10 days away with three small munchkins and all their trappings!

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  1. better late than never :) lovely progress with the knitting, looks like a fun knit and the yarn looks soft.