Friday, September 12, 2014

Unicorn Farts {oh my, how indelicate she is tonight!}


It was an indescribable blessing to get to spend time at the Oregon Coast with some of our dear friends.  Jesse and Danny (er, Pastor Dan - so weird to say) have been friends since high school and when he fell in love and married Amber, we were so excited for them, albeit a little envious since our own engagement was at the same time but a year longer since we were living long distance at that point.  We have visited Danny and Amber several times over the years and at different stages of family growth and every time I remember what a kindred spirit I find in Amber, all the more so as our children get older and I see the Kingdom mentality borne out in the way they are rearing their children too.  It was so fun and so encouraging to get to spend five days with them in their home in Pacific City where Danny is now the pastor at Pacific Coast Bible Church

In my life I don't often have much "girl time," (unless you count the 13 hours a day I spend with girls four and under).  My children are young, younger than any of the other moms I really know here and my life is still so dictated by their needs.  When we moved here, we moved away from the place that had always been my home where many of my oldest and closest friends and some new and incredible friends have settled down and I really miss them and the time spent just talking and laughing and doing goofy things together.  I know it takes time to develop those kinds of friendships and I am blessed with several incredible women who have befriended me here.  But when Amber and I were trolling pinterest together late one evening after the kids were all abed, and came across THIS hilarious idea, it was so nice to just collapse into giggles with her and then try our hand at it for the Kids Day Amber was planning for the next day.  Jesse and Danny talked about Serious Things in the other room while we mixed and poured and problem-solved how to proceed with this silly baking project.  So, if you're reading this, Amber, thank you for just being goofy with me.  I enjoyed our serious talks too, but Unicorn Farts and sack races and watching our kids put on a concert are some of my favorite memories now. 

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