Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fickle Fall



Instead of seeping fog or chilly breeze, the day we went to the pumpkin patch was again warm and bright; just when we think fickle fall has truly arrived for good, we realize we've again been duped into sweaters and jeans instead of the T-shirts that would be more fitting as the sun beats out from the sky again.  But soon all will be frozen and icy, and we don't hurrying winter's arrival just yet.  

The memories come clear while looking over the photographs.  The sky blue and speckled with white is a stunning backdrop for those children scaling the hay bale tower, hurling themselves across the gap as though it's a canyon to be crossed, scrambling up hay-steps as big as themselves.  The littlest, she sits hesitant, careful of every move, watchful of the bigger children all around.  She squeals with her big sisters in the wheelbarrow as daddy pushes them toward the rows of pumpkins.  The sun glows warm and soft through the stalks of corn, falling gently across the forehead of the little girl peeking around the edges of the maze.  We bump through orchards on hay bales pulled by a tractor, the hayride the two big girls later declared was their favorite of the whole trip. 

We pick more apples, wandering through the orchard here at home with my parents during their weekend visit, discovering that the neighbors still have a couple of cows out in their pasture.  We watch the cat leap and hunt through the trees as we stroll in the shifting light under the trees.  Apples bake in a flaky crust and roast simmers with vegetables.  

Today the clouds hang low and I am wearing cozy socks as I sip my tea and try to beat a cold.  We are eating Dinner in a Pumpkin tonight. Fall is definitely here. 


  1. my favorite photos are the ones where they are all in a wheelbarrow so so so cute! The weather has been strange here as well, back to warm and the black flies are around.

  2. I love your pictures! Beautiful family! They made me smile the entire time. I think our fall has come to stay. We have a few days in the mid 70's this week but they are going to be down in the 50's and 60's the next few days. LOVE IT! :)

  3. Such precious pictures. You have a lovely family. And what wonderful memories you are making!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Everyone looks so happy and excited for fall! :)