Thursday, October 23, 2014

All Soft and All Warm

The sun went down beyond the river.  The sky turned wild and red and the little fur child turned around and ran for home.  

These lilting, gentle lines come from one of our favorite children's books by Margaret Wise Brown and they ring through my mind when the storms blow through and the clouds turn unearthly hues, or when the last long fingers of pink and purple sunlight shoot through the sky until the sun sinks below the hills to the west.

The sky here is wild.  I never tire of watching the colors and shapes in the world above our heads, and not just the clouds.  Hundreds of starlings surge as one enormous creature up, then down, then far to the east.  It is the one thing I appreciate about starlings.  Hawks scream from above, and I look out my window to see one perched on my clothesline eyeing my hens.  

The rain comes, banging in big drops on our patio roof, and dripping into barrels as those hens run to find shelter under the coop or under a car.  The children scramble down from the dinner table to see the rainbow, a doubled glory and we remember the promises of God and we count our blessings. 

And just as the darkness got very dark, he bumped into his big fur mother and she took him home in her arms and gave him his supper.  

And we finish our supper, watching the rainbow fade with the sun's disappearance, and we trundle the children off to bed

And they tucked him in bed all soft and all warm, and they held his paw and they sang him a song.

And I sink to the couch with clicking needles and resolve that tomorrow I will speak gentler and sing more, hurry less and ponder more. 

Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown can be found by clicking the link


  1. so sweet! :) Beautiful pictures too!

  2. Love the little book, I ordered it for my grandson. I love your pictures, you have a beautiful blog. Love the halloween costume ideas! What fun!!