Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yarn and Books

Wednesday is the day I set join in with others who, like me, love to knit and read.  Check out Ginny's blog to see all the beautiful projects going on this week!


I have been making good headway on my Radiance Shawl and really enjoying the knitting process.  I also made a little progress on the other two projects I posted about last week but not much because several non-knitting projects have demanded my attention.  I thought I'd include a few pictures that showed the October activities that have caused my knitting to take a backseat this week.  Halloween costumes in particular have dipped into the evening time I usually knit since I decided that there will only be so many years that my children will want my help making costumes and took the plunge in the home-made route this year.  I am pretty proud of how they are turning out and will share pictures in a few days.  Most importantly, my girls are thrilled, probably more thrilled than the costumes warrant, but I'll take any enthusiasm they want to give me.  We've got a fox, a spider, a fairy, and two pirate costumes waiting in the wings.  Do any other moms out there dress up?  I don't usually but we are doing a Trunk-or-Treat at our church and I decided the kids - both mine and the community that hopefully will show up- are worth the work and embarrassment of going as my husband's (modestly attired) pirate wench to go with our pirate ship/car.  Wish me luck!

Nothing new being read this week.  I actually don't think I even picked up a book at all this week unless you count my Bible, but I have still been listening nightly to bits of The Woman in White (free for Kindle through the link!) at CraftLit.  


  1. I love the fox costume! The shawl looks beautiful and the color is one of my favorites. :)

  2. my mom always helped us and when my kids were small she sewed their costumes! I think you all will look grand at the trick or treating event :) I love how celebrations evolve and now trunk or treat is the thing. Sounds safe and fun!! Love the sweater and hat being modeled.

  3. I always enjoy all the beautiful pictures you post! No, this mom never did dress up.
    I love the shawl you are working on. It looks so soft! Thanks for sharing your projects!

  4. Beautiful knitting, as always! the fox costume is adorable! And the cookies look delicious!
    I'll make a family on The Sims for you :P xoxo

  5. Those pretzels look yummy. Our peppers look exactly the same way. Hubby is wanting to string them together like his grandfather used to do to dry them out. What fun costumes!

  6. I can't wait to see your finished shawl! So beautiful! Have a wonderful time at the Trunk-or-Treat! My youngest is trying hard to get over a bad cold, so that she doesn't miss out on all the fun tomorrow night. :)