Tuesday, November 04, 2014

What do a Fox, a Spider, and a Fairy all have in common?

Being that my photography tends to capture the moments as they happen, I tend to be terrible at pose-your-kids kind of pictures and therefore never end up with great Halloween pictures.  I really hate interrupting what they're doing to make them stand still and take pictures so I am intentional to do so only rarely, but usually I at least try on holidays... but not this year!  Oops!  Oh well.  Real life, my friends.

I loved these costumes.  Millie was a fox complete with a bushy tail and ears, Lyddie was a spider with four extra limbs hanging from her arms and a spiderweb hairstyle, and Rosie was a sweet flower fairy.  Jesse and I were, as you can hopefully tell, pirates.  We did a trunk or treat at church with 10 cars all lined for anyone who stopped by. It was cold and windy which was part of the picture hindrance!  We had pizza, trick or treated at the cars, watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin projected on a big white sheet, and walked through the Boo Bus - our ministry bus all decked out with spider webs and strobe lights.  

It was a special Halloween that we got to spend with friends. Suddenly this year it hit me that the years that my children would think it was cool that mom made costumes for them are limited and if that was something I wanted them to remember fondly in childhood, I better start now.  It is one of my special memories that my mom always made beautiful costumes for us and that is something I really wanted for my kids too, as long as they'll let me.  These weren't fancy or even particularly beautiful but I knew my girls all loved their costumes and had fun helping me pick and prepare them!  Now it's on to planning birthday parties and Thanksgiving and then Christmas... eek!  

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  1. that is a great family photo! You all look festive and you might be surprised at how old they get and still want a home made costume. Both of mine were in high school and I was creating right along with them.