Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Yarn Along, November!

Not much new here, just several added inches on my Radiance shawl as well as several inches on my first Vanilla Latte sock.  I am really undecided about the length I like my socks, so I decided to make them just slightly longer than ankle socks.  I still really like the sunny yellow of the Dandelion colorway and think it is a fun shade to get to knit with.

I'm still listening to The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins - down to the last few chapters, and reading North! or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson.  But mostly I am working hard on accumulating SLP continuing ed credits each night online so I can keep up my membership in the national organization.  I am learning and re-learning all kinds of interesting things about literacy development, fetal alcohol syndrome, and other speechy kinds of topics.  It touches the part of me that really misses working with a team daily with families and children with special needs and I find myself even remembering things about grad school that have been pushed to the recesses of my mind in this process.  I love being a mom and my precious children have plenty of their own immediate and unique needs and I always planned to be at home with them once they came.  It just makes me nostalgic for the good and exciting aspects of that career and especially the incredible workplace I left.  The call on my life here is just as exciting to me, and part of the reason I am continuing to push myself to stay current is so that, if or when the Lord opens doors for me to use the knowledge I believe He has planted in me, I will be ready, even if that is several years from now.  I really enjoy working with some of the children in our after-school program once or twice a week, and am doing some remedial reading instruction for a few children who should be reading but really aren't at all and I get this little taste of that joy of helping children meet goals and be enthralled by the feeling of success they experience, sometimes for the first time in the area of reading skills, and oh!  I so enjoyed reading Where the Wild Things Are to two boys yesterday who hung on every word and every picture.  It made my heart sing to see the joy lit in their eyes as they connected with Max, the king of all wild things and considered the magic of facing fears with an unflinching stare.


  1. Both your knits are beautiful.
    Your skills and experience will still be there whenever they are needed, as education and knowledge never go to waste! They always find ways to be used.

  2. I love the yellow!! so cheerful and bright. I knit my socks from cuff to heel flap 7 or 7 1/2 inches, whatever strikes me :)

  3. Love listening to books! I haven't made a pair of socks yet, but I do love the bright color you used. :)

  4. Oooh that yellow yarn is so beautiful! someone is going to have some happy warm feet soon! :)
    In generally don't like my socks to be too long, so I knit pretty much the same lenght that I do for the feet, makes sense? Plus I am anxious and since I knit them toe up... I just want to cast off and wear them! hhaha
    Lovely knitting, as always!
    I shall make your family on the sims4 to tempt you to get it! mwahaha!
    Have a wonderful weekend!