Friday, January 30, 2015


 (Rosie likes to nurture Gideon and put him to bed.  He complies graciously)

 Every single one of these pictures holds a complete story for me and I love looking at them for that reason.

A week ago my parents asked if the could make a last minute trip over to visit.  Deep housecleaning was on my to-do list for the day anyway so we spent Friday morning and early afternoon dusting and wiping, and all three girls found a baby wipe to follow along behind me re-wiping everything I already wiped.  So helpful.  :)  We had friends over that evening for a movie and Indian tacos: fry bread made fresh by my friend Tsennibah and beans and meat and taco fixings.  Y-U-M.  

The plan for Saturday was to begin demolition of our gross kitchen drop ceiling.  My mom and I got up early and went to a ladies brunch at a nearby church --what a blessing to get to do something so special with her!-- and as we pulled out of the parking lot to come home, I called to let Jesse know.  He informed that he had to go to town to get a bunch of drywall since it turned out the "ceiling" underneath was mere fiber board (think of the stuff you see on bulletin boards) so instead of getting to rip down the ceiling and paint, there was an added time consuming step.  Thankfully, my dad was able to help him get it up quickly and almost all the drywall was up by that night. I didn't even bat an eye when he told me the situation, since I am now so used to finding out that the previous owners took ridiculous and inexplicable shortcuts that I assumed there would be at least one major strange setback.  

Jesse designed and built the light fixture that is now hanging over our dining table and is almost done constructing the second that will go over my kitchen.  I love it, although we are at a crossroads trying to figure out how to hide the wire coming down from the ceiling.  I am hoping a third rope coming down in the middle will provide a way to camouflage it. 

That collage wall?  It used to be home that huge and hideous air conditioning unit, then to a large hole in the wall, then to patchy drywall.  Now it is the color blue that I will eventually paint the rest of the living room and covered in pretty things.  I love the ikea twinkle lights covered by little stars; my parents picked them up and brought them over for me, originally to put on the piano top but since the strand was too long, I looped them along the top of the living room wall.  They add a bit of happy to my day every time I walk through the room - which is many many times a day.  

Can you tell we've been busy?  This kind of busy is boosting my spirits and keeping the focus off the damp and misty drear of January this year.  It's not even cold enough for frost or freezing which is very strange, so no snow, just gray, brown, gray gray gray. 

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  1. wow you have quite a bit going on at your house, how nice to have some help. I don't like when the days are gray on end. Right now we are getting a big snow storm, I hope it's not too big!!