Sunday, January 18, 2015

Love Wildly


She sat on the floor, folding yet another basket of laundry when he looked up, glanced at the children playing and said, "Lots of happy sounds in here today." Yes. There are lots of happy sounds here.
And she soaks them in, so they hold off her impatience when the bickering, inevitable moments arrive. Little sinners and big sinners together in tight spaces means those moments come too.

She folds those footie pajamas and thinks of another pair of little pajamas tucked away in a drawer for a little one so loved, now far from here with another family member, perhaps to stay. The children here, sometimes they go like that, and she knew this from the start, knew everyday was just a gift, remembers that everyday with these three girls is also gift. Memories of tender moments, bedtime kisses,  laughing dancing, playing in drifts of snow, flit through her mind as she searches for that missing sock in the pile, these special moments etched into the pages of her heart, treasured and wistful. 

This is foolishness to the world, opening up to love wildly with the knowlege that it will hurt.  Yet we can simply obey and trust, when our hearts are full of joy and peace and also when they are sad and aching. Trust that we are only walking in the larger footsteps of one who "making himself nothing became obedient to death,- even death on the cross."  Trust that He loves better than we do with our imperfect love,  trust that He cares powerfully and will finish what He has started. This is true for our marriages, for our dear children, for each moment we are given. It is all a gift from a good Father.


  1. I miss those days at times, the endless laundry, the giggles the mess. But life is sweet now as well with a different pace of life and I can savor my moments like never before.

  2. So sorry she had to go. :(
    Beautifully written, Sarah.
    xo Lisa