Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I started implementing my knits-handy-thru-life plan again and have started knitting my socks again while standing in the kitchen waiting for any number of things I have to wait for.  I got the heel turned and am decreasing the instep now.  It's nice to have something else to knit when I'm not mentally present enough to knit my Radiance which is coming along nicely.  

One of my favorite knits was the Rio Dress I made for Rosie and she is still getting wear out of it in spite of it being knit in the six months size.  Now it's just a top but still adorable with room in the sleeves and lots of ease through the neck and waist.  That Frogtree Pediboo knit up so nicely and has been washed several times but looks hardly worn.  

I started a new book this year, having finally finished North! Or Be Eaten.  I picked a book off the shelf, The Magicians, that I have been eyeing for months, well, really for a couple years since Jesse read it and enjoyed it.  Its like a heavy Harry Potter, starting with adults instead of children (aka, a little bit of rough language and subject material but not too bad so far).  I'm really hooked by it even just a couple chapters in, and want to curl up on the couch to devour it, something I haven't felt for awhile.  

Normally at this time of year I am so eager for winter to be over.  This year I feel so happy with the coziness and don't feel stir-crazy at all so far.  This is probably because the weather has been so very mild here in our area (highs in the 40s/50s for several days running now) and also because I don't have a tiny infant making me feel housebound; it is not nearly as energy-consuming to bundle everyone and head to town or the library down the road as it was even just a year ago with little ones so close in age and needy.  It could also be all the home projects we are doing during this time since it is the only time of year we really have available to focus heavily on home improvements.  (Kitchen remodel pending, Lord willing!)

Happy creating, y'all!  Head over to Ginny's blog to join in the fiber fun!


  1. I love winter and usually am quite good through the winter months. It's summer that is challenging for me. Love your shawl, it's growing and growing! I find that there are lots of tasks that can be completed while waiting, even for a cup of tea :)

  2. Me too. I love winter and could happily give summer a miss most of the time! Wow, I love that shawl; it looks lovely. The Rio is adorable.

  3. Love the sunny yellow and can't wait to come see your home improvements! Rosie is looking so big, but so cute still in the Rio. I have always loved that little dress/tunic. I wonder if Dad would like that book? He loved Harry Potter!

  4. I am with you...our winter has been such a tease this year. A stretch of cool sunshine punctuated with drizzle and the occasional pineapple express. Our river is running high, and I love the crisp days and blue sky, but I want some winter. :)

  5. The shawl is so pretty! You are doing a fantastic job! And the dress for little Rosie is too cute. :)

  6. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Lovely knitting there :) I'm glad that you are enjoying the cozy edges of winter... Blessings!