Friday, March 27, 2015

Each Moment

Moments of peace found, as mothering is done mostly alone this week.   

When he works 12, 14 hours a day some weeks in these busy seasons, I dig my feet into the trenches.

I am tempted toward exhaustion and irritation and complaining.  I am tempted to become momzilla.  I am tempted to downplay the level of work I am doing.  You know, I also work double time these weeks, maybe not in terms of hours (because every mom works from sunup to sundown whether her husband is home or not, right?) but in terms of workload shouldered, and it's messy.  I seek to eliminate unnecessary work from my load but that means clutter builds up, laundry mountains up, toys pile up and make us all a little crazy.  I find I must be firm about a routine of the day when possible; it is more necessary to enforce morning quiet times to give us all a break from each other and a break from bickering and change of pace, so that we reunite with joy and gladness after an hour apart and can make it through to lunch and then again to afternoon rest time before the long stretch before bedtime.   

I pull out my knitting more during the day, knitting a half a row here and there, it feels like luxury, and also helps me tune out the whining toddler for a few minutes.  She misses Daddy, I can tell, since the fussing always amps up on weeks when we have teams here. We all miss Daddy; what a blessing to have such a wonderful Daddy to miss!  

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  1. I remember those long long hours and thankfully most of the time it was just once a year when he went to the annual convention out of town. We would buy take out food and make the best of it and the house got really messy. Love the black and white photos :)