Wednesday, March 25, 2015


What, you don't put on your princess dress and fairy wings before you settled into the couch and knit?  I love watching Lyddie knit her little bean bag.  She is at the point where she only needs some verbal guidance to start up her stitches, now having more confidence in her knowledge of the pattern and the rhyme:  "In through the front door, run around the back, peeking in the window, and off comes Jack!"  I can still hear her murmuring it to herself sometimes, but more often it's - "Mommy, did I take Jack off yet?" or "Mom!  Did I go in through the front door already?"  It sounds like a secret code.  I can knit beside her but only I'm knitting something simple because I am interrupted too often to be in the middle of a lace pattern or decrease row.  I think Millie will get her turn to learn in the next couple weeks, since she is dying for a turn.

I am nearing the finish line with the little Sibella Babe and will definitely have it done by the end of March which has been my goal all along.  I am working up the lacy yoke and love seeing the pattern emerge under my fingers. 

I got a visit to my local-est yarn shop (45 minutes away) and was excited to find that she still carried Frog Tree Pediboo  and bought a couple skeins to make Millie a little Mi Avril, so that's up next. I have used this yarn before on Rosie's  Rio dress that she still wears (now as a top) and that has held up so beautifully through  many handwashes.  It still shines and the drape is really perfect. I am hoping to start the cardi soon but will finish Rosie's gift first. 

This week I am mainly reading The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall, the third installment of the Penderwicks, and such a sweet, gentle story about children I now love. A quiet read for a busy week.  

What are you reading or working on this week? I'll be linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along as I love to do every Wednesday!

(Oh and isn't that paper doll precious?  My grandmother sent us a stack of paperdoll pages torn from her Mary Englebreit magazines and I am slowly making my way through cutting them out.  Each one is beautiful and oh the eyes that lit up at this treasure trove - mine included!)


  1. She is so tiny and knitting! That is awesome! Love that little sweater. Some day I hope to make something so nice. :)

  2. I loved paper dolls when I was a kid :) How nice to have a daughter knitting, mine can you know but just doesn't like sad but true. Maybe one day right??

  3. So sweet! Such a treasure to teach her knitting. Soft pink is my most favorite color, and I love the yoke. Beautiful!

  4. The sweet is sweet - the perfect shade of pink. I love those paper dolls! I think I liked them more than my daughter did!

  5. What a lovely post - it really made me smile! I love The Penderwicks, paper dolls, your lovely knitting, and seeing little ones knitting. Doesn't she just look adorable?! Thanks so much for your kind words on my post too.

  6. Sarah, how did you teach her to knit? I tried to teach my five year old a month or so ago, and it is frustrating to both of us. She really wants to, but it is not clicking. I knit European; do you think that is more difficult for a little one?